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mona-awad.jpg Mona Awad Esther M. Larsen Faculty Fellow in the Humanities and Assistant Professor English
crystal-bartolovich-portrait-lores.jpg Crystal Bartolovich Associate Professor English 315.443.2173
dorri-beam-portrait-lores.jpg Dorri Beam Associate Professor English 315.443.8112
Chanelle-Benz-crop.jpg Chanelle Benz Associate Professor English
Christopher Brunt Chris Brunt Assistant Teaching Professor English
dympna-callaghan-portrait-original-20190516-6967.jpg Dympna Callaghan William Safire Professor of Modern Letters and University Professor English 315.443.2173
jonathan-dee-credit-Ulf-Andersen2-497x744-1.jpg Jonathan Dee Associate Professor and Director of Creative Writing Program English 315.443.9468
photo-not-available.jpg Susan Edmunds Professor English 315.443.2173
carol-fadda-conrey-portrait-original.jpg Carol W.N. Fadda Associate Professor English
chris-forster-portrait-original.jpg Chris Forster Associate Professor English 315.443.9487
Ken Frieden Ken Frieden B.G. Rudolph Professor of Judaic Studies English Languages, Literatures, and Linguistics Religion 315.443.3861
mike-goode-portrait-medres.jpg Mike Goode William P. Tolley Distinguished Teaching Professor in the Humanities English 315.443.6133
matthew-grzecki-portrait-original-0087.jpg Matthew Grzecki Assistant Teaching Professor and Creative Writing Coordinator English
Roger Hallas 2022 Roger Hallas Professor English
Hanson-Chris Chris Hanson Associate Professor English 315.443.4159
sarah-harwell-portrait-original.jpg Sarah Harwell Associate Teaching Professor and Associate Director of Creative Writing English 315.443.2174
brooks-haxton-portrait-medres.jpg Brooks Haxton Professor English 315.443.2173
mary-karr-portrait-med-res.jpg Mary Karr Trustee Professor and Jesse Truesdell Peck Professor of Literature English 315.443.9476
christopher-kennedy-portrait-original.jpg Christopher Kennedy Professor English
Katherine-Kidd Katherine A. Kidd Assistant Teaching Professor, English Studies Coordinator and Director of Undergraduate Studies English
Coran-Klaver.jpg Coran Klaver Associate Professor English 315.443.2173
Delali-Kumavie-1x1.jpg Delali Kumavie Assistant Professor English
ethan-madarieta-2.jpg Ethan Madarieta Assistant Professor English
patricia-moody-portrait-lores.jpg Patricia Moody Associate Professor English 315.443.9486
patricia-roylance-portrait-original.jpg Patricia Roylance Associate Professor English 315.443.2173
george-saunders-portrait-original.jpg George Saunders Professor English 315.443.2173
Scheibel_headshot Will Scheibel Professor and Chair English 315.443.4950
stephanie-shirilan-portrait-original.jpg Stephanie Shirilan Associate Professor English
Bruce-Smith Bruce Smith Professor English 315.443.2173
Dana-Spiotta.jpg Dana Spiotta Professor English
Scott Manning Stevens headshot Scott Manning Stevens [Akwesasne Mohawk] Associate Professor, Director - Center for Global Indigenous Cultures and Environmental Justice, Director - Native American and Indigenous Studies English Humanities Faculty 315.443.8785
harvey-teres-portrait-hires.jpg Harvey Teres Professor English
Antonio-Tiongson.jpg Antonio Tiongson Associate Professor and Director of Graduate Studies English
silvio-torres-saillant-20190402-portrait-original-5389.jpg Silvio Torres-Saillant Dean's Professor English 315.443.9475

Part-Time Faculty

sean-conrey-portrait-orignal-2014.jpg Sean M. Conrey Part Time Instructor English
photo-not-available.jpg Michael T Dillon Part-Time Instructor English
jules-gibbs.jpg Jules Gibbs Part-Time Instructor English


Michael Burkard Michael Burkard Associate Professor Emeritus English
Steven Cohan Steven Cohan Dean's Distinguished Professor Emeritus English 315.443.2173
arthur-flowers-portrait-medres.jpg Arthur Flowers Associate Professor Emeritus English 315.443.2173
photo-not-available.jpg Amy Lang Professor Emerita English