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Arts and Sciences Graduate Admissions

As part of an R1 research university, the College of Arts and Sciences is home to abundant advanced degree options, such as the internationally recognized physics, creative writing and speech language pathology programs, and many more. Graduate students at A&S have access to cutting-edge labs, equipment, research and scholarship resources as well as professional, hands-on experiences, giving them an advantage in the job market.

To apply to a specific graduate program, or for more information about application requirements and financial support, please contact that program's graduate director or graduate coordinator, below. While the A&S | Maxwell admissions office assists in recruiting graduate students, it is the individual academic departments which administer the application review process and award financial aid.

Contacts for Arts and Sciences Graduate Programs

Department Contacts

Program Director or coordinator Email Phone Fax
Applied Statistics Pinyuen Chen, Program Director 315.443.1577
Art History Barbara Bartlett, Graduate Coordinator 315.443.0367 315.443.4186
Audiology Tracy Williams, Office Coordinator 315.443.9637 315.443.1113
Biology Sarah Hartmann, Graduate Coordinator 315.443.9154 315.443.2156
Biotechnology Surabhi Raina, Program Director 315.443.2057
Chemistry Jodi Randall, Graduate Coordinator 315.443.2925 315.443.4070
Composition and Cultural Rhetoric Heather Thompson, Graduate Coordinator 315.443.1047 315.443.1220
Creative Writing Terri Zollo, Academic Support Coordinator 315.443.2174 315.443.2174
Earth Sciences Jessica Hess, Operations Specialist 315.443.2674 315.443.3363
English Terri Zollo, Graduate Coordinator 315.443.2174 315.443.2174
French and Francophone Studies Lance Stobnicke, Academic Support Coordinator 315.443.2175 315.443.5376
Forensic Science and Medicolegal Death Investigation Michael Sponsler, Program Director 315.443.4880
Linguistic Studies Lance Stobnicke, Academic Support Coordinator 315.443.2175 315.443.5376
Mathematics M'Tia Williams, Office Coordinator 315.443.1474 315.443.1475
Pan African Studies Ajajielle Brown, Administrative Specialist 315.443.5599 315.443.1725
Philosophy Roberta A. Hennigan, Office Supervisor 315.443.2245 315.443.5675
Physics Kristine Weisblatt, Academic Support Coordinator 315.443.5129 315.443.9103
Psychology 315.443.3595 315.443.4085
Religion Jackie Borowve, Graduate Coordinator 315.443.3861 315.443.3958
Spanish Language, Literature and Culture Lance Stobnicke, Academic Support Coordinator 315.443.1625
Speech-Language Pathology Jonathan Preston, Program Director 315.443.9637 315.443.1113
Women’s and Gender Studies Susann DeMocker-Shedd, Administrative Specialist 315.443.3707 315.443.9221