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Writing Center

Become a stronger, more accomplished writer. The Writing Center offers one-on-one consulting services to support the success of all Syracuse University students.

The Writing Center currently offers face-to-face, synchronous online, and asynchronous online appointments.

Each year, thousands of SU students from various academic and cultural backgrounds visit the Writing Center for help with a wide range of writing projects, including academic assignments, internship applications and professional portfolios. We offer face-to-face appointments as well online sessions to all students, regardless of grade level or major.

Three ways to get help

The Writing Center makes it easy for you to get in touch and get the help you need.

  • Face-to-face: Meet one-on-one with a Writing Center consultant on any type of text at any stage in your writing process.
  • Asynchronous Appointments: Submit your questions and a brief paper in progress (5 pages, max).
  • Synchronous Appointments: Make an appointment to chat in real time through the Center’s schedule.

No matter which form of support you choose, writing consultants will work with you at any stage of your writing process. Consultants can help you to:

  • Interpret an assignment sheet, talk through ideas for a project, discuss course readings, or plan for a paper.
  • Consider choices with regard to audience, focus, reasoning, or organization.
  • Develop ideas with greater specificity.
  • Acquire research strategies, integrate scholarly sources and apply proper documentation.
  • Improve editing and proofreading skills, expand vocabulary, and better understand technical conventions of academic writing.

Graduate students may also make use of the Graduate Editing Center, which provides free editing and proofreading services. Our editors work with a range of texts, from dissertations and master's theses to articles, conference presentations and grant proposals.

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