Orange Alert

Graduate Editing Center

The GEC is a free editing service that the University provides to SU and ESF graduate students. Graduate students are welcome to submit their final drafts to the GEC for review and feedback.

GEC Hours of Operation:

Mon-Fri: 9 AM EST–7 PM EST

Sat-Sun: 12 PM EST–5 PM EST

Note: Please allow GEC Editors 24 hours to respond to your survey submission.

GEC vs. WC—What’s the difference?

The GEC is more focused on the editing process—we focus on issues of clarity, grammar, and tone at the sentence level. In contrast, the WC is more useful while revising or starting out—this is a good place to brainstorm ideas, discuss holistic (document-wide) issues with your document, and to work collaboratively with your consultant.

Your GEC Editor is exactly that—an editor. As such, we spend most of our time with your document, and our work is done independently. You are not expected to meet or correspond with your editor outside of emails. Although we are not actively collaborating with you (as a peer consultant in the WC might), we use our expertise and knowledge in writing and communication to help tidy up your text.

Please note: GEC submissions take a minimum of five business days to review. Please keep this time frame in mind when submitting your document for review.