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The College of Arts and Sciences is home to internationally recognized research across and between disciplines. Areas of discovery from Shakespeare to gravitational waves help frame new conceptions of the physical world and the human experience, while creating innovative solutions to the critical challenges facing us today.

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Recent Updates
Elena Buzaianu being presented with an award plaque

(June 21, 2024)

Innovator from the Mathematics Department Receives the Abraham Wald Prize

Teaching at Syracuse since 1982 and still winning awards.

portrait of a woman

(June 18, 2024)

Assuring Academic Excellence

Professor Laura Machia named associate dean for academic initiatives and curriculum.

Flooded street with a stop sign and building in the background.

(June 17, 2024)

What’s Driving Increased Rainfall in the Eastern U.S.?

Thonis Family Professor Tripti Bhattacharya and postdoctoral researcher David Fastovich have received a three-year, $547,000 NSF grant to explore how ancient climate data can inform future forecasting.

Two people standing in front of a wall with text that reads Sungkyunkwan University

(May 23, 2024)

A&S Dean Behzad Mortazavi Joins Syracuse University Leadership Team on Visit to South Korea

The group of deans, directors and professors met with representatives from Korean universities to explore collaborative opportunities.

Figure depicting the precession (movement of the rotational axis) of an accretion disk.

(May 22, 2024)

Scientists Spin Up a New Way to Unlock Black Hole Mysteries

Syracuse University astrophysicist co-authors a study in Nature that details how observations of a wobbling disk following a tidal disruption event can be used to estimate black hole spin.