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Graduate Research

Research is a key part of your master's or doctoral course of study. Graduate students play an integral role in the A&S research enterprise, bringing valuable insight and technical expertise to their respective lab or office. Typically each department has various research specializations. To find your best fit, read the profiles of the faculty in your department of interest. Then, reach out to the faculty member whose area of expertise aligns with your own. Below are additional resources for you, and examples of what current graduates students are involved in.

Graduate student Andrew Moura is lead author on sea urchin study

Sea Urchins Are Struggling to ‘Get a Grip’

The study’s lead author, graduate student Andrew Moura, traveled to the University of Washington along with a multi-university team of biologists to conduct experiments with live green sea urchins.

Graduate students performing checks on instrumented staves.

Nature's Elusive Secrets

Many graduate students have worked on the Upstream Tracker, a new tracking device installed at the renowned CERN laboratory on the Swiss-French border to research the fundamental forces and particles in the universe.

Fullbright winners

Seven Arts and Sciences Students and Alumni Receive Fulbright Awards

A&S graduate students received Fullbright Awards and will live and work abroad through teaching assistantships.

Picture of Masab Abu Toha

‘My Poetry is a Record of What Happened’

Mosab Abu Toha G'23 finds mentors and refines his craft in A&S' Creative Writing Program before returning home to Gaza to continue teaching English in an elementary school.

Joy Nyokabi Karinge interviews her grandmother, Lucy Wanjiku Karinge in Kenya.

Rewriting Kenyan History

Joy Nyokabi Karinge, an M.A. student in Pan African studies, published a paper exploring Britain's withholding of Kenya's 'Migrated Archives'. She discovered the British government had removed and destroyed documents confirming abuse and torture.

Photo of presentation

Raising Awareness to End Caste Discrimination

Three graduate students from the Department of Women's and Gender Studies led Dalit History Month events, held to raise awareness about caste oppression and advocate for policy against caste discrimination on Syracuse University's campus.

Rendering of dna strand

‘Fishing’ for Biomarkers

A&S postdoctoral researcher Mohammad Ahmad, working with a team of researchers, has developed a broadly applicable nano-sensor capable of single-molecule precision.