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Coran Klaver

Coran Klaver

Coran Klaver

Associate Professor


428 Hall of Languages
Office: 315.443.2173


Women's and Gender Studies


LGBTQ Studies

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Biographic Overview

Coran Klaver specializes in Victorian literature and culture, along with feminist and gender theory. She is the author of A/Moral Economics: Classical Political Economy and Cultural Authority in Nineteenth-Century England , an analysis of the complex and uneven processes through which political economy was professionalized and popularized in Victorian England. She is the co-editor of Other Mothers: Beyond the Maternal Ideal, a collection of essays on unconventional experiences and representations of Victorian motherhood. More recently, she has conducted research on two major mid-Victorian political and military crises, the Crimean War and Indian Mutiny, examining the way the public understanding of these conflicts depended on the subjective accounts of participants in the conflicts.

Areas of Supervision

Professor Klaver's areas of dissertation include Victorian studies and gender theory. She has supervised dissertations on interracial intimacies in Anglo-India, gender dissonance in Victorian fiction, female authority and medicine in nineteenth-century women's first-person narrations, the emergence of the “culture” concept in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, and the “tourist gaze” in Victorian England.