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Arthur Flowers

Arthur Flowers

Arthur Flowers

Associate Professor Emeritus


414 Hall of Languages


Arthur Flowers is a novelist, essayist, and performance poet. A native of Memphis Tennessee, he is the author of novels, Another Good Loving Blues and De Mojo Blues; a children’s book, Cleveland Lee’s Beale Street Band, and a memoir/manifesto, Mojo Rising: Confessions of a 21st Century Conjureman and a graphic nonfiction, I See The Promise Land. He has published shorts and articles and is a bluesbased performance poet. He is a founding member/director of New Renaissance Writers Guild, NYC, The Griot Shop, Memphis, and the Pan African Literary Forum. He has been Executive Director of the Harlem Writers Guild. He has been the recipient of NEA and NYSFA awards in fiction and nonfiction.

His novel in progress, Rest for the Weary, is a meditation on prophecy, destiny, fate and the human condition. He is also working on a nonfiction work, The Hoodoo Book of Flowers. He considers having an online literary presence part of being a 21st Century literary man and has a blog, Rootsblog, a cyberhoodoo webspace.

Research and Teaching Interests

His literary/teaching/research interests encompass the oral tradition in literature, and the interplay between literature, mythwork and human destiny.

Recent Courses

Recent forms courses have been Literary Hoodoo, engaging works of magic, mythwork, fable and magical realism; Literary Blues, an exploration of the blues and the oral tradition in African American literature; and Global Storytelling, engaging unorthodox narrative styles and strategies from a variety of global literary cultures.

Currently developing Literary Success and Cultural Influence, an exploration of the dynamics of literary success using the works of and presentations by ‘successful’ SU MFA alums.

He is particularly interested in facilitating the production of novels in workshop/MFA formats.