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Noah Wilson portrait

(Oct. 4, 2019)

Wilson and Kennedy publish a new chapter

The Banality of Digital Aggression

Krista Kennedy portrait

(Sept. 12, 2019)

Legal Issues in Cybernetics and Robotics

Congratulations to Krista Kennedy

de Müeller  portrait

(July 15, 2019)

Race, Silence, and Writing Program Administration

Congratulations to Genevieve García de Müeller

Noah Wilson portrait

(June 15, 2019)

Algorithmic Dwelling

Congratulations to Noah Wilson

Abigail Covington portrait

(May 16, 2019)

Abigail Covington: 2019

Archived News Post

collage of 2019 grads

(May 15, 2019)

Class of 2019

Congratulations to the Class of 2019

Schell portrait

(May 15, 2019)

Never Too Late

Congratulations to Eileen Schell

Andre Habet portrait

(May 15, 2019)

I'm Picking Up Good Vibrations

Congratulation to André Habet