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Intertext 2020 is Live

Posted on: May 8, 2020

It’s never easy to put together a publication from start to finish, but it’s especially challenging during a pandemic. Congratulations to the Intertext editors for their excellent work in creating the 2020 issue, which is available on Surface:


Intertext Zoom meeting: Tyler Gilfus, Patrick W. Berry (instructor of WRT 340), Sydney Guyton, Crisanta Wadhams, Jung Won Nam, Berri Wilmore, Andrew Wallman, Aaqilah Wright, Stephanie Baquero, Brandon Belton, and Brittney Tavares.

Congratulations to the winners of the Louise Wetherbee Phelps Awards, named for Phelps, the founding director of the Writing Program.


This year’s upper-division winner is Annie Shi, a double major in Writing and Rhetoric and Engish and Textual Studies, for her essay “Open My Mouth,” originally written for Professor Stephanie Parker’s Creative Nonfiction (WRT 422) class. Professor Collin Brooke, who served as one of the judges, writes, “The essay does a remarkable job of capturing how a simple gesture (reaching out/up with one’s hand) localizes a lifetime’s worth of experiences.”


The lower-division winner is Lauren Dowling, a Psychology major, for“Everything You Don’t See,” written in Professor Amy Murphy’s WRT 105 class. Professor Robin McCrary, who served as one of the judges, said that it “effectively connects a critical conversation on beauty with what's personally at stake for the author—creating a thoughtful, personalized dialogue between the author and other sources.” Thanks also to the other judges, CCR doctoral student Stephanie Jones and professional writing instructor Henry Jankiewicz.

“We hope to have the Intertext launch party in the fall to celebrate the excellent work of the editors, authors, and artists of this year’s issue,” says Professor Patrick W. Berry, who teaches WRT 340, the advanced editing studio responsible for the development and publication of Intertext. The course is supported by the Center for Innovative Learning (iLEARN) of the College of Arts and Sciences, a program that blends traditional classroom learning with professional experience.


In February, Benay Bubar, a copy chief at Hearst joined the Intertext editors, members of the Writing Rhetoric Student Organization, and guests to discuss copyediting and her experiences working in magazine publishing.

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Intertext 2020 cover

The Intertext 2020 was created by Nina Bridges.