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What does it mean to study writing and rhetoric?

As a writing and rhetoric major, you will explore the power of language across a range of genres in ways that will help you to compose in a rapidly changing world. Our major offers classes that will give you the opportunity to practice digital, argumentative, research, civic, science, professional, and technical writing as well as creative nonfiction. You will also consider culture, ethics, identity and language as they relate to writing in and out of school.

Graduates of the Writing and Rhetoric Major have gone on to be successful in a variety of careers including public relations, marketing, public advocacy, editing and publishing, teaching, and business. Some go on to pursue advanced degrees in law, medicine, and the humanities. The major is both rigorous and flexible, allowing students to pursue what they love while deepening their critical thinking, composing, and creative problem-solving skills. The major is open to any SU student, and many find it to be an excellent second major.

The Department of Writing Studies, Rhetoric, and Composition is home to a highly ranked doctoral program. Our faculty invite students to examine language as embedded in history and culture, from diverse rhetorical traditions to emerging technologies to ethics, investigating the relationships among writing, rhetoric, identity, literacy, and power.

If you would like to learn more about the writing and rhetoric major, pleaseemail us at or phone at 315.443.1091. We can arrange an opportunity for you to meet our faculty or majors and see our dedicated study space.

Major in Writing and Rhetoric, B.A.

Minor in Writing

Minor in Professional and Technical Writing