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Writing 105/205 Sequence

Lower Division

The majority of undergraduate students at Syracuse are required to complete both WRT 105 and WRT 205 as part of the Liberal Skills Requirement of theĀ Liberal Arts Core Curriculum. Nearly all students take WRT 105 in the fall semester of their freshman year and WRT 205 in the spring semester of their sophomore year. Questions regarding AP, IB or transfer credit should be directed to theĀ College of Arts and Sciences Advising Office.

These introductory writing courses serve as entry into the writing that students will do at the university and beyond. They are designed to provide general instruction in writing practices and rhetorical knowledge that will be transferable to the varied writing situations and tasks students will encounter beyond these courses as students, professionals, and active citizens. They are envisioned within a vertical writing education that includes the writing students will perform in other classes and settings across the university curriculum. Additional information on principles that inform the curriculum..

WRT 105

Study and practice of writing processes including critical reading, collaboration, revision, editing, and the use of technologies. Focuses on the aims, strategies, and conventions of academic prose, especially analysis and argumentation. A detailed description and course outcomes.

WRT 205

Focuses on the rhetorical strategies, practices, and conventions of critical academic researched writing. A detailed description and the course outcomes.

General Principles

Course Descriptions and Learning Outcomes