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(Sept. 17, 2015)

Syracuse Advances Search for Gravitational Waves

Physicists participate in first run of new Advanced LIGO Detector, after five-year rebuild

(Sept. 1, 2015)

Syracuse Physicist Lands NIH Grant Award to Study Tissue, Organ Formation

M. Lisa Manning uses grant to investigate forces in organ development

(Aug. 25, 2015)

Syracuse Physicists Excel at Gordon Research Conference in New Hampshire

Professors Bowick, Manning, Marchetti, and Paulsen among presenters

(July 15, 2015)

Syracuse Physicists Awarded $3 Million Grant to Build Particle Detector

Project is part of CERN upgrade in Switzerland

(July 14, 2015)

Syracuse Physicists Confirm Existence of Rare ‘Pentaquarks’

Discovery marks culmination of decades-long search for elusive particles

Manning portrait

(June 16, 2015)

Syracuse Physicist Awarded Grant to Study Physical Cell Biology

M. Lisa Manning to shed new light on formation of multicellular structures

(June 11, 2015)

Syracuse Physicist Awarded Grant for Quantum Computing Efforts

Britton Plourde uses Army Research Office grant to create superconductor-based quantum computer

(May 27, 2015)

University Integral to Advanced LIGO Success

Physics department has been leading the search for gravitational waves for more than 25 years