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Department of Physics

Satisfy your curiosity about the universe, from the largest astronomical scale to the smallest subnuclear particle. Physics will help you strengthen your quantitative reasoning skills and problem-solve through experimentation, simulation and analytical tools.

Imagine yourself exploring the galaxy, building the next quantum computer, dissecting how cells crawl, or shining light on how atoms and the world itself comes together. These exciting experiences can be found within the world of physics. Physics is concerned with the most basic principles that underlie all phenomena in the universe from sub-atomic particles to whole universes and everything in between. In Physics, you will learn about these exciting phenomena along with important skills in logic, problem solving, quantitative reasoning, and experimental design that employers in all fields are seeking. Our graduates from both our PhD and bachelor’s programs go on to work in academia, national labs, engineering industries, data science, in Silicon Valley and on Wall Street.

The Mission of the Physics Department is to create a community of physics scholars dedicated to excellent research and teaching that is welcome to all! We are thrilled to have you on the team for this important mission.

Faculty research areas include:

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Recent Physics News
Movileanu portrait

(Nov. 1, 2023)

A&S Physicist Awarded Two NIH R01 Grants for Cutting-Edge Biosensor Design Work

Professor Liviu Movileanu and his team are developing generalizable nano-sized sensors which could one day help detect biomarkers for various diseases.

Alison Patteson in the lab.

(Oct. 24, 2023)

American Physical Society Honors Professor Alison Patteson

Physicist has received early-career award for her research on how the physical environment affects complex living systems.

Schwartz portrait

(Oct. 19, 2023)

Physics Professor Jennifer Schwarz Honored by the American Physical Society

Schwarz was named a Fellow of the APS in recognition of her research and teaching contributions to the field of physics.

Paulsen portrait

(Oct. 19, 2023)

Joseph Paulsen Wins NSF Grant to Study the Physics of Thin Materials

Paulsen will use the funding to better understand what happens when thin materials are bent, twisted and wrinkled into different forms.