Orange Alert


Excavation crews digging out caverns.

(Feb. 14, 2024)

Mining for Neutrino Answers

The excavation of massive caverns in South Dakota paves the way for an international team of researchers, including Syracuse University physicists, to further explore neutrinos’ role in the Universe.

Marvin Goldberg headshot.

(Feb. 7, 2024)

Remembering Marvin Goldberg: Professor Emeritus of Physics who Taught at Syracuse University for More Than 30 Years

Goldberg, who passed away in November 2023, helped grow the Department of Physics and advance the field of experimental particle physics.

Artuso portrait

(Jan. 30, 2024)

Physics Professor Receives NSF Grant for Work at CERN

Marina Artuso receives a grant for the next step of ongoing work with Large Hadron Collider “b” upgrades at CERN Laboratory in Switzerland.

Hall of Languages in Winter

(Jan. 17, 2024)

New Faces, Rising Stars Join A&S in Spring 2024

Meet the new professors teaching in the College of Arts and Sciences this spring.

Artist's representation of a tidal disruption event (a star being torn apart by a black hole).

(Jan. 11, 2024)

Close Encounters of the Supermassive Black Hole Kind: Tidal Disruption Events and What They Can Reveal about Black Holes and Stars in Distant Galaxies

Astrophysicists from Syracuse University and the University of Leeds collaborate with high school students in Syracuse to confirm the accuracy of an analytical model that can unlock key information about supermassive black holes and the stars they engulf.

(Dec. 18, 2023)

Faculty and Staff Highlights - December 2023

Latest faculty additions, awards, and news highlights from faculty in the Department of Physics.

(Dec. 15, 2023)

Physics Student Highlights - December 2023

Read about the latest thesis defenses, awards, and news highlights from students in the Department of Physics.