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Department of Languages, Literatures, and Linguistics

Open the door to new cultures and bridge divides by learning or improving your language skills.

The Department of Languages, Literatures, and Linguistics teaches 17 languages, offers nine majors, three master's degrees (one each in French, Spanish and Linguistics), as well as a master's of science degree in computational linguistics. Our majors are interdisciplinary and many of our courses are cross-listed with other departments and colleges.

LLL reaffirms its anti-bias and anti-racist commitment, acknowledges and values differences, and seeks to exemplify anti-bias and anti-racist education. LLL stands against any system that supports racism and privilege.

English to/for Speakers of Other Languages

Building first- and second-language literacy has become a matter of national urgency.

Russell Berman, former President of the MLA

In today's globalized world, you can be a leader in your chosen field by having the skills you can acquire only through studying language and literature.

Russell Berman, former President of the Modern Language Association stated, "Languages mean career skills for the workforce, but they also contribute to each person’s cognitive growth. Without sufficient language learning, American students will suffer from diminished educational opportunities, and we sabotage their prospects in the global economy."

To these ends, Languages, Literatures, and Linguistics is committed to excellent and innovative scholarship and teaching and to the promotion of diversity and trans-cultural understanding. The department as whole:

  • promotes the knowledge of languages;
  • facilitates the study of literary and other cultural texts;
  • facilitates the study of language on a theoretical, scientific level and;
  • promotes critical thinking.

Unlimited Career Opportunities

There is no one given career path following graduation. Teaching, translating, and interpreting are obvious career options, but your degree also has exciting potential in areas such as:

  • foreign civil service
  • airline services
  • advertising
  • editing and publishing
  • subtitles and voice-overs
  • event management
  • hotel management

If you have a master’s degree in French, Spanish, or Linguistics you will be prepared to excel in a wide variety of professional and research areas. Many of our students go on to pursue doctoral degrees at top institutions or move directly into professional careers, as consultants, teachers, translators, editors, writers, or find work in the diplomatic corps, international marketing, the performing arts and more. No doubt, your advanced degree will give you an edge in an increasingly competitive world.

Study Abroad

Enhance your oral and written language proficiency with an international experience through Syracuse Abroad, which features more than 100 programs in 60 countries. Choose semester, summer, short term, and yearlong options for international study.

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Books by our Faculty
Department News
In Professor Amanda Brown’s Linguistics at Work class, students produced demos to teach people of all ages in Central New York about linguistics and language acquisition, processing and use.

(May 20, 2024)

A&S Linguistics Students Bring Scholarship into the Community

In Professor Amanda Brown’s Linguistics at Work class, students produced demos to teach people of all ages in Central New York about linguistics and language acquisition, processing and use.

Milkatu Garba portrait.

(May 13, 2024)

LLL Awards Second Annual Milkatu Garba Memorial Award

The award was created to remember Garba, a graduate of the master’s program in linguistic studies, who passed away in 2022.

Flowers in the foreground with Tolley Humanities Building in the background.

(Feb. 27, 2024)

Humanities Center Supports Four Spring 2024 Fellows

Research ranges from recovering ancestral foodways, making Black space in the digital age, natural reasoning through virtue to stereotypical Caribbean images.

Stack of books.

(Nov. 8, 2023)

Fall Bookshelf

The weather might be turning chilly, but your reading list will heat up with these recent literary works from College of Arts and Sciences faculty and Department of English alumni.

Recent Publications by LLL Faculty

Everly, Kathryn. “Espacio y emoción: La España valiente en Lucía Sánchez Saornil, Concha Méndez y María Teresa León.” La esperanza entre cenizas. Compromiso, identidad y texto en la poesía española de los siglos XX y XXI, edited by Juan José Lanz and Natalia Vara. Renacimiento, 2023, pp. 115-42.

Giannini Stefano. “Twilight for a Myth. Images of Death in Luigi Pirandello’s The Mountain Giants.” In Last Scene of All. Representing Death on the Western Stage, Jessica Goodman ed. Oxford: Legenda, (2022): 79-93.

Christopher R. Green & Nicola Lampitelli. 2022. Conditions on complex exponence: a case study of the Somali subject marker. Phonological Data & Analysis 4(4), 1-31. doi:10.3765/pda.v4art4.63.

Christopher R. Green & Maria Konoshenko. 2022. Tonal head marking in Mande compounds: endpoint neutralization and outliers. Mandenkan 67, 3-44. doi:10/4000/mandenkan.2698.

Anne C. Leone; Performing Confession in Dante and Boccaccio. Italica 1 June 2022; 99 (2): 152–179. doi:

Von Tippelskirch, Karina. “Ernst Toller at the World Congress of Writers in New York (1939).” German Life and Letters. Special Issue, March 2022: 1–16.