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Classics and Classical Civilization

Degrees Offered: Minor, B.A.

Why Study Classics?

"The past is a foreign country; they do things differently there."

L.P. Hartley

First, Classics provides students with many fascinating intellectual opportunities. Because the range of Greek and Latin literature is so diverse, students interested in history, drama, poetry, political science, or philosophy, will find ample material to stimulate their curiosity. Moreover, students will develop the ability to read some of the most influential works of western literature in their original languages, and learn about cultures that are radically different from our own, yet at the same time provide the foundation of many modern ideas and institutions.

While not all Classics students wish to become classical scholars, a major in Classics is among the most impressive degrees to have when applying for a job in other fields. The work ethic required for success in the languages, the intellectually challenging nature of the grammar and syntax of Greek and Latin, and the interdisciplinary nature of the field are only a few reasons why Classics majors are highly respected and sought-after job candidates. Furthermore, because of the historical role of Classics in education many terms and concepts in various fields are derived from Greek or Latin. For these reasons, Classics majors often find employment in Law, Medical Sciences, Government/Politics, Writing and Journalism, and Education.

Why study Classics? To find a challenging and immensely rewarding field of study, and to explore the familiar yet foreign country that is our past.


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