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Hindi Language

Ornaments of a Hindu temple in Singapore

Why Study Hindi?

Hindi is a modern Indo-Aryan language spoken in South Asian countries (India, Pakistan, Nepal) and also in other countries outside Asia (Mauritius, Trinidad, Fiji, Surinam, Guyana, South Africa and other countries). Approximately eight hundred million people speak Hindi, as either a first (480 million) or second language. It is ranked among the second most widely spoken languages of the world.  Along with English, it is the official language of India with the second fastest growing economy in Asia. Also, Hindi is the language of Bollywood film industry.

Hindi Placement Exam

If you have studied Hindi either formally or informally, lived in a Hindi-Urdu speaking country, or grown up in a South Asian household, you must take a placement exam before being allowed to register for any HIN course. The placement exam consists of two written pages and a short oral. For admittance into HIN courses, please contact Professor Tej Bhatia to schedule an exam prior to the beginning of the spring semester. You must present your student ID to take all language placement tests.