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Modern Foreign Language

Degrees Offered: B.A.

Why Study Modern Foreign Language?

The Modern Foreign Language major allows students to combine the equivalent of two language minors (French, German, Italian, Russian, Spanish) into one major. The major is ideal for students who want to develop and demonstrate a mastery of more than one modern foreign language, whether as a sole area of specialization or as a second or third major. Majors not only develop communicative competency in two modern foreign languages, but they also gain significant knowledge of the literatures and cultures of multiple countries; develop important skills in literary and cultural analysis; and gain multicultural awareness. While helpful, previous experience in one or both of the selected languages is not necessary; with planning, it is possible for students to complete the major by beginning the study of both languages at SU.

Upon graduation, Modern Foreign Language majors are well equipped to continue their study in a number of subjects, including languages and literatures; art history; law; philosophy; international relations; and political science. Their language skills make them excellent candidates for employment in a multitude of fields both nationally and internationally, including jobs in government; diplomacy; policy making; medicine; translation and interpretation; journalism; social work; art; film; and fashion.

Consult the Course Catalog for this program's specific requirements. 

Usual Major Requirements

The major requires 36 credits in courses numbered 202 and above in two of the following languages: French, German, Italian, Russian, and Spanish. Normally students will take 18 credits in each of the two languages. However, they may petition to take 21 credits in one language and 15 in the other.

Students may be able to petition to pursue courses in a language other than French, German, Italian, Russian, and Spanish. Students interested in this option should consult with the Modern Foreign Language advisor as early as possible.