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Affiliated Research Programs

Art and Music Histories
  • Matilde Mateo: national stereotyping through art of the Middle Ages and 19th century, European and Spanish nationalisms, perceptions of Islam and Judaism from a Christian/West perspective
  • Scott Erdman : mechanisms of adhesion and pathogenesis in fungi; cell surface markers associated with fungal differentiation and pathogenesis; lipid and membrane homeostasis mechanisms in fungi and eucaryotic cells
  • George Langford: cell and molecular biology of the actin cytoskeleton in health and disease; organelle/vesicle transport in axons of nerve cells; migration of human epithelial cells; pathogenic response of human oral keratinocytes
  • Ramesh Raina: receptor kinase proteins of the model plant Arabidopsis; sentinel plants that are capable of sensing and reporting variety of environmental stimuli, including, for example, chemical and biological warfare agents (funded by DARPA)
  • Kari Segraves: DNA sequencing, AFLP genotyping, microsatellites; evolutionary interactions between plants and insects
  • Jason Wiles: biology education; evolution; incorporations of forensic science into biology education
  • Jon Zubieta: structures and identification of explosives; MOF sensors
Earth Sciences
  • Donald Siegel: tracing sources of hydrocarbon, solvent, and other chemical contamination in waters and air
  • Mike Goode: history of British detective literature; the emergence of the legal concept of conspiracy in eighteenth and ninteenth-century British detective novels; relationship between the rise of the novel and the early development of forensic science
Languages, Literatures, and Linguistics
  • Tej Bhatia: forensic linguistics; translation, social-psychological information extraction, bilingualism; "critical" languages; area, language, and national security education
  • Kathy Everly: Spanish language, culturally-bound perceptions of death and dying
  • Stefano Giannini: Italian language; effectiveness of governments in three African countries with Italian connections: Somalia, Ethiopia, and Eritrea
  • Rania Habib: conversation analysis; cross-cultural communication; bilingualism;second dialect acquisition; language variation and change (particularly in relation to Standard Arabic and vernacular Arabic dialects) from a sociolinguistic perspective; pragmatics
  • Amy Wyngaard: French language, literature, and culture
  • Pinyuen Chen (MATH): cluster analysis, classification; statistics (collaboration with Ken Foster); multiple target detection (funded by Air Force); detection among large number of signals; covalent matrices
  • Laurence Thomas: evolutionary biology; merely different vs. threatening behaviors; concepts of diversity in relation to security
  • Matt LaHaye: development of novel nanoelectromechanical systems (NEMS); quantum entanglement; development of ultrasensitive NEMS-based measurement techniques for studying quantum measurement and, in the future, for bio-sensing applications
  • Britton Plourde: experimental studies of vortex dynamics and quantum coherence in nanofabricated superconducting devices; nature of entanglement in superconducting circuits; materials for improving the coherence of superconducting quantum circuits
  • Peter Saulson: mechanical properties of materials in realms specialized to ultra-high sensitivity interferometry for gravitational wave detection