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Engaged Communities Cohorts

Engaged Communities Cohort Meeting

Engaged Communities projects seek to co-create public goods based on community assets, needs and interests. EC projects are supported by EHN mini and sustaining Grants (EC grants). Project teams comprised of faculty, students, and community partners convene as cohorts four to five times a year to share resources, collectively problem-solve, align efforts, and provide mutual support.

Read about current and past Engaged Communities projects.

(Image: Engaged Communities Cohorts Meeting, Fall 2022 )

Environmental Storytelling Series of Central New York

Jason Corwin_Environmental Storytelling

Coordinated by the Engaged Humanities Network and SUNY ESF's Writing, Rhetoric, and Communications Program, this annual series of events, programs, and courses brings together scholars, teachers, students, artists and community leaders to deepen our understandings of and strengthen our responses to the impacts of the climate crisis on Central New York and interconnected ecosystems around the world. The series utilizes the best of scientific expertise, artistic expression, and humanistic interpretation in pursuit of mutual understanding and collective action.

Learn more aboutEnvironmental Storytelling CNY

(Photo by Jason Kohlbrenner)

Undergraduate Research Assistantships

Justo Antonio Triana_Narratio Fellowship

Engaged Humanities undergraduate research assistants support and promote public engagement through innovative humanities research, teaching and creative work. Students majoring in humanities programs can apply to help develop and support community partnerships; document and promote existing publicly engaged arts and humanities projects; collaborate on program design and implementation; and help create and support new and existing community-engaged humanities projects.

Learn more about current EH Undergraduate Research Projects and apply to join the 2022-23 EH Undergraduate Research Team.

(Image: Engaged Humanities undergraduate research assistant Justo A. Triana, left, working with 2022 Narratio Fellows. Photo by Edward Grattan)

Graduate Research Assistantships

Sarah Nahar EHN Graduate Research Assistant_2022

Engaged Humanities Graduate Research Assistantship

Engaged Humanities Graduate RAs are hired for one-year, non-teaching appointments to conduct research and writing in the publicly engaged humanities; develop new and support existing community partnerships; collaborate on program design and implementation; assist with the design of engaged humanities undergraduate and/or graduate seminars; and participate in grant writing for public scholarship and creative work.

Apply to become a 2022-23 EH Graduate Research Assistant.

Summer & Winter Graduate Research Assistantships

In collaboration with the Syracuse University Graduate School’s Humanities Summer Internship Program, Engaged Humanities Summer & Winter Research Assistantships provide graduate students opportunities to apply their own research and teaching expertise to forms of action-based humanistic inquiry with partnering organizations and the communities they serve. Doctoral students across all humanities programs are eligible to apply for summer assistantships.

Learn more about current and past EH Grad RA Summer Projects

(Image: Sarah Nahar, EHN Graduate RA and doctoral Student in Religion and Environmental Studies, speaking at Environmental Storytelling Event)

Feeding Collaboration Graduate Student Lunch Series

Feeding Collaboration Graduate Lunch Series

Feeding Collaboration is a conversation and lunch series led by and for graduate students who do and/or are interested in publicly engaged scholarship, teaching, and creative work. Students from across disciplines, schools, and colleges meet one Friday a month to share a meal, ideas, experiences, and resources and to build relationships for mutual support across projects, programs and communities.

All lunches are provided by the EHN. RSVP for next month's lunch here.

2022-23 Feeding Collaboration dates:

Fall: 9/30, 10/21, 11/11, 12/9

Spring: 1/20, 2/24, 3/31, 4/14, 5/5

Tolley 304

Help us make this a zero waste event…bring your tupperware!