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Communication and Human Expression

Do you love languages, writing, art and music? Do you want to help others communicate more easily? Then communication and human expression has you covered! Click through these three panels to start exploring.

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Courtney Conte ’23 (left) and Bochum town archivist Andreas Froning (right) with the Stolperstein, or stumbling stone, honoring Holocaust survivor Bob Hyman.

Honoring a Holocaust Survivor

Courtney Conte ’23 traveled to Germany to help prepare a “stumbling stone” to remember the life of Holocaust survivor Otto Heimann.

A child undergoing tests in the Syracuse University Stuttering Research Lab.

Sensing Solutions

Faculty and students in the Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders work with community members to better understand and develop treatments for myriad communication needs.

Cool Class: Social Justice in Early Modern Literature

How did people hundreds of years ago advocate for social justice and equity before Twitter, TikTok and Instagram?

Empowering Students as Artists

Professor Dana Spiotta aims to demystify the writing process for students in the esteemed creative writing program.

The Art of Science

STEM students join art majors in a first-of-its-kind course at Syracuse, ­­where students explore and create their own bio-art.

AJ Willingham

Finding Her Voice

Emmy-winning alumna AJ Willingham credits the Writing Studies, Rhetoric and Composition program with sparking her passion for writing.