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Environment and Sustainability

If you are concerned by climate change or species extinctions, or are fascinated by nature and our planet, consider studies in biology, Earth and environmental sciences or related policy. Click through the panels below to explore your options.

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Sophie Hernandez ’22

An Integrated Learning Experience

Sophie Hernandez ’22 combines biology with environment, sustainability and policy to help tackle climate change.

Hidden in Plain Sight: A&S Biologists Say Southern Right Whale Habitat Choice is Key to Keeping Young Calves Safe

Whale mothers choose nursery sites in shallow waters where predators cannot “eavesdrop” on communication between a mother and her young.

Biology and Earth and Environmental Sciences Departments Come Together on Diversity and Engagement Initiatives

In 1948, Professor James Hope Birnie became Syracuse University’s first African American faculty member in biology.

Helping Ranchers Learn from the Wild

A new USDA grant funds Mark Ritchie’s research exploring how more ranchers could raise climate-friendly beef.

EES Professor Helps Find Clues Behind What Turned Ancient Subtropical Drylands Into Oases

Thonis Family Professor Tripti Bhattacharya is among an international team of researchers whose study was published in Nature Communications.

The Impact of Extinction

While the Netflix movie Don’t Look Up has highlighted the potential of an asteroid impact on Earth, new research sheds light on how the Chicxulub impact 66 million years ago resulted in extinction of 75 percent of animals, including the dinosaurs.