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Our majors are not tied to a particular career. They develop qualities that appeal to a wide range of employers, such as quantitative reasoning, problem-solving, and strong work ethic. These are some recent example of career paths of our majors.

  • Graduate school: Mathematics, Statistics, Computer Science, Mathematical / Quantitative Finance, Physics, Biostatistics, Data Science, Medicine.
  • Software industry: Google, Microsoft, GE Software, Boston Technologies, Wolverine Trading, other trading platform development. Usually after M.S. degree, or directly if double majoring in Computer Science.
  • Education: teaching or developing educational materials.
  • Actuarial careers: Sun Life Financial, National Life Group, Deloitte Consulting, Conrad Siegel Actuaries.
  • Other financial services: Goldman Sachs, J.P. Morgan, OppenheimerFunds, Putnam Investments, Nomura Securities), after M.S. or directly if double majoring in Economics or Finance.
  • Other: forensics, government agencies (security-related), engineering.

Some majors/minors that complement the study of mathematics and expand the range of career opportunities are Computer Science, Data Analytics, Economics, Engineering, Finance, Information Management & Technology, Mathematics Education, and Sports Analytics.

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