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Faculty Research Areas

Uday Banerjee - Generalized finite element methods, elliptic PDE

Pinyuen Chen - Statistical signal processing, ranking and selection theory

Dan Coman - Complex analysis, pluripotential theory, dynamics

Steven Diaz - Algebraic geometry of curve families

Nicole Fonger - Mathematics education

Pierre Yves Gaudreau Lamarre - Probability, functional analysis, and mathematical physics

Jack Graver - Combinatorics, graph theory

Duane Graysay - Mathematics education

Lee Kennard - Riemannian geometry, algebraic topology, symmetry

Hyune-Ju Kim - Statistics, change-point problems, regression model selection

Leonid Kovalev - Geometric mapping theory, metric spaces

Graham Leuschke - Commutative algebra, non-commutative algebraic geometry

Wei Li - Nonparametric and semiparametric models, Bayesian inference

Jianxuan Liu - Semiparametrics, causal inference, measurement error models, high dimensional data, case-control studies

Adam Lutoborski - Variational problems, optimization on matrix manifolds

Joanna Masingila - Out-of-school mathematics practice, teacher development

Claudia Miller - Commutative algebra, connections with algebraic geometry

Jani Onninen - Nonlinear analysis, geometric function theory

Josh Pollitz - Commutative algebra and homological algebra

Declan Quinn - Noncommutative rings, Galois theory, Hopf algebras

Lixin Shen - Applied harmonic analysis, wavelets, image processing

Gregory Verchota - Singular integrals, elliptic PDE in nonsmooth domains

Stephan Wehrli - Low-dimensional topology, knots and links

William Wylie - Riemannian geometry, geometric analysis

Yuan Yuan - Complex geometry and several complex variables

Yiming Zhao - Convex geometry, geometric analysis, partial differential equations

Recent Publications

The list of recent publications is available at Experts@Syracuse