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Adam Lutoborski

Adam Lutoborski

Adam Lutoborski



311A Carnegie Library
Office: 315.443.1489


  • Ph.D. in Mathematics, Polish Academy of Sciences, 1981
Research Interests
  • Weak convergence methods in nonlinear variational problems
  • Homogenization methods
  • Microstructure in nonlinear elasticity
Biographic Overview

Adam Lutoborski earned a M.Sc. at the University of Warsaw, and a Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics at the Polish Academy of Sciences in 1981, working under Michal Kleiber. He was a research associate at the University of Paris VI in spring 1980, under a French Government Scholarship; an adjunct lecturer at the Polish Academy of Sciences, Institute of Fundamental Technological Research in Warsaw in 1981-1982; and a visiting associate professor at the University of Lagos in Nigeria 1983-1984. Adam then joined SU as assistant professor, and was promoted to associate professor in 1988 and to professor in 1995. He was a visiting scientist at the Mathematical Sciences Institute at Cornell in spring 1988 under a grant, a visitor at the Institute for Advanced Study in October 1993 and a visitor in the Institute of Mathematics and its Applications at the University of Minnesota in the spring of 2001.

Adam has written 20 papers, many joint with various authors and several extremely lengthy. He was supported by the Air Force Office of Scientific Research at Rome for the summer of 1998 and calendar 1999, and produced two reports on watermarking digital images. Adam has given a number of invited lectures, including Maryland 1984, Cornell 1988 and 1992, Naples 1992, the International School for Advanced Studies in Trieste 1992, Carnegie Mellon 1992, and Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton 1993. He is a member of AMS and SIAM.