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Undergraduate Programs

The Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences offers both Bachelor of Science (BS) and Bachelor of Arts (BA) degrees. The BS degrees are recommended for students intending to pursue a career in the Earth and Environmental Sciences, either professionally or in academia. The BS in Geology and the BS in Environmental Geoscience both provide a pathway to New York State Professional Geology Licensure. The BA is suitable for students interested in careers that would benefit from knowledge of the Earth system. Students pursuing any of the BS or BA degrees may also be interested in one of two Integrated Learning Majors (see below) as part of their degree program, which allows them to engage in interdisciplinary coursework appropriate for their desired careers.

B.S. in Environmental Geoscience

The BS degree in Environmental Geoscience provides students with a background in the fundamentals of climate change, water in the Earth system, and global environmental change.

B.S. in Geology

The BS degree in Geology provides a background in basic science and geology, and through appropriate choice of electives can be tailored to meet a wide range of interests within the Earth Sciences.

B.A. in Earth Sciences

The bachelor of arts degree in Earth Sciences is recommended for those students who enjoy and are intellectually intrigued by the Earth Sciences, but intend to pursue careers in other fields.

Minor in Earth Sciences

The study of earth sciences provides a perspective of time and an appreciation of the natural world that can enrich a lifetime.

B.A. in Environment Sustainability and Policy (ILM)

This Integrated Learning Major (ILM) in Environment, Sustainability, and Policy is designed to introduce students to and ground them in the interdisciplinary study of environmental science, sustainability, and policy necessary to understand the nature of our changing planet, contribute solutions to advance sustainability, and become more engaged global citizens.

B.S. in Environment Sustainability and Policy (ILM)

See description on the B.A. in Environment Sustainability and Policy