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Semester Abroad in New Zealand

Undergraduate majors have an opportunity to undertake a semester abroad in New Zealand with either a geological and/or environmental focus. Part of this semester abroad is participation in a 5-6 week field camp. Note that a field-experience (6 credits) is required for the BS in Geology and is optional for other degrees. Typically, this semester abroad in New Zealand will be undertaken in the spring semester (which is the New Zealand summer through their fall) with a field camp component that runs January through February. In addition to the field experience, students usually take 4 courses at the University of Canterbury in Christchurch New Zealand during the regular semester. One of those courses is a research methods course using data collected during the field experience. Students are therefore able to undertake research during their time in New Zealand. The other 3 courses can be earth science oriented, perhaps taking courses not offered at SU or other courses that will satisfy the liberal arts core. More information is available from Frontiers Abroad and Syracuse Abroad. Several faculty in the department have participated in Frontiers Abroad and are available to help you. Note that while many other Earth and Environmental Science major students undertake semester abroad in other locations, only the semester abroad in New Zealand offers an included field experience.