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Pre-Health Engagement Certificate

The Pre-Health Engagement Certificate will give students the ability to define the steps taken to prepare for a career in the health professions through advising, professional school discussions, research presentations, community engagement, and clinical volunteering. Students who have earned the certificate and choose to participate with the Pre-Health Evaluation Committee will be given priority interviews, if all other requirements are met.

To earn the certificate, students must:

  • Attend the Orientation for First- and Second-year Pre-Health Students (offered twice per year)
  • Submit a draft resume or Curriculum Vitae to
  • Attend at least 3 Pre-Health related events, one per semester, and complete a Reflective Essay for each event.

Examples: information sessions, mock MCAT sessions, public health grand rounds, research presentations

  • Complete at least 30 hours of clinical volunteering (not shadowing) and complete the Volunteer Record.
  • Attend at least 2 community engagement events (campus or community events) and complete a Reflective Essay for each event.

Examples: on-campus speakers, community events, off-campus speakers