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(Feb. 11, 2022)


Topic: “Recharging Home: What does HOME mean to you?”

(Oct. 1, 2021)

SU's LAC team offers multiple language opportunities in literature and linguistics

Faculty in literature and linguistics provided students with opportunities to engage with course content in languages other than English.

(Sept. 1, 2021)

SU's LAC team planning large cross-campus project

SU's LAC team has put together a 19-person team to plan for further expansion of LAC to humanities, social sciences, architecture, and business fields.

(May 12, 2021)

PICS 2021 Watch party on the SU quad and virtually: Thursday, May 13 @ 9:45 p.m.

Featuring the release of six award-winning video performances created by Syracuse University students and staff. The PICS 2021 winning performances highlight the theme “Together-Apart.”

(May 1, 2021)

SU’s LAC group hosts CLAC Workshops

SU’s LAC group hosts two workshops on Cultures and Languages Across the Curriculum with speakers from Binghamton U, Stockton U, and Illinois College.

(May 1, 2021)

SU's LAC team wins research grant to extend LAC program

SU's LAC team wins research grant to extend LAC program to literature and linguistics.

(April 1, 2021)

LAC group partners with Syracuse University Florence

Syracuse University's Languaging Across the Curriculum team partners with SU's Architecture Program in Florence to offer bilingual classes and public lectures in Architecture.

Hromalik portrait

(Jan. 28, 2021)

LM team welcomes new visiting scholar

Language Matters team welcomes new visiting scholar, Christopher Hromalik.

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