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Humanities Council

The Humanities Council advances the humanities, broadly conceived, in the College of Arts and Sciences and at Syracuse University at large. The mission of the Council is to foster a campus climate that ensures the continuation of a vibrant role for engaging in intellectual discovery and exchange and for teaching in the humanities. The Council supports the production, preservation, critique, and dissemination of knowledges in and across the Humanities disciplines broadly conceived. The Council also aids the Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences in the selection of the Ray Smith Symposium series and the William P. Tolley Distinguished Professorship in the Humanities.

The Council is comprised of voting and non-voting members. Voting members of the Council include departments that are part of the Humanities Division in the College of Arts and Sciences; and of directors of humanistic academic programs offering undergraduate and graduate degrees in the College of Arts and Sciences and in the Maxwell School. Non-voting members include members of the College of Arts and Sciences administration who support and promote the work of humanists.

Humanities Council Chair, 2023-2024

Ray Smith Symposia in the Humanities

The William P. Tolley Distinguished Teaching Professorship in the Humanities