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(March 28, 2018)

Shaming into Brown

New book by Stephanie Fetta analyzes scenes of racialization in Latina/o literature

(March 22, 2018)

Tej Bhatia Podcast Linguistics Health Care

Archived LLL News/Blog Post

(Feb. 6, 2018)

Road to Oz Leads to Russia

Archived LLL News/Blog Post

(Jan. 26, 2018)

Road to Oz Leads to Russia

Book highlights link between iconic American tale and Soviet adaptation

(Dec. 8, 2017)

Course to Develop 'Grammatical Sketch' of West African Language

Assistant Professor Christopher Green to offer study of the African language in his spring semester course, “Field Methods in Linguistics.”

(Dec. 1, 2017)

Linguist at Home on World Stage

Next stops for Tej Bhatia: Singapore and India

(Oct. 28, 2017)

Keiko Ogura: That Day Now

Archived LLL News/Blog Post

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