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Biological Chemistry

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Biological Chemistry Research

Research in Biological Chemistry at Syracuse University focuses on problems ranging across a broad spectrum of the Life Sciences. Our work includes drug discovery, the interaction of biomolecules with light, elucidating the mechanism of action of pharmaceutical agents, the creation of biosensors and new biomaterials, the properties of metalloproteins, transport of metal ions in biomolecules, 3D structure determination, analysis of the optical purity of pharmaceutical agents, RNA-protein interactions, and the synthesis of new drugs. The tools of molecular biology are common to many of the projects.

Our research groups collaborate with a wide range of academic and biotech industry scientists in Syracuse and throughout the world. The SUNY Upstate Medical University and the SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry campuses adjoin Syracuse University. The Life Science departments at SU and the SUNY schools cooperate in obtaining first-class research equipment and incorporating the latest discoveries in classroom and laboratory work. 

Faculty with an Interest in Biological Chemistry