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Robert Doyle in the lab.

(Nov. 15, 2023)

Nov. 30 Lecture Spotlights the Science Behind Anti-Obesity Drugs

A&S chemist Robert Doyle will discuss his team’s cutting-edge treatment which offers steady weight loss without common, unwanted side-effects.

Rachel Steinhardt portrait

(Nov. 7, 2023)

Rachel Steinhardt Awarded NSF Grant to Study Brain Chemistry

Professor Steinhardt's project aims to better understand how individual cells communicate to create brain activity.

Graphic representing how assembly and disassembly of UBQLN2 condensates can be regulated by protein quality control components such as polyubiquitin chains of different sizes and topologies.

(Oct. 24, 2023)

The Goldilocks Effect: A&S Researchers Find Parameters of Polyubiquitin that are ‘Just Right’ for Biomolecular Condensate Formation

Carlos Castañeda is among a team of researchers whose study on protein regulation was published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS).

Atanu Acharya portrait.

(Oct. 16, 2023)

Atanu Acharya Wins NIH Award to Study the Biochemistry of Bacterial Membrane Proteins and Light-Sensitive Proteins

Acharya has been awarded a Maximizing Investigators' Research Award from the National Institutes of Health.

Robert Doyle sitting in a lab.

(Aug. 29, 2023)

A&S Chemistry Professor Receives Award from the American Chemical Society

Professor Robert Doyle wins the honor for studies of an experimental anti-obesity drug that offers consistent weight loss without vomiting and nausea.

Chemistry beaker and periodic table.

(April 14, 2023)

Chemistry Leads Science Demonstrations at STEM Micron Chip Camp

A&S chemistry personnel, along with the local section of the American Chemical Society, provided hands-on science demonstrations to local youth during the April 4 launch of STEM Micron Chip Camp at Liverpool Middle School. The purpose was to interest young people in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math).

Robert Doyle sitting in a lab.

(March 29, 2023)

A&S Chemistry Professor Presents New Research on Anti-Obesity Drug

Professor Robert Doyle shared findings at the ACS spring meeting about a potential new drug which offers steady weight loss without common, unwanted side-effects.

Images of Tripti Bhattacharya Alison Patteson and Olga Makhlynets and Rachel Steinhardt from left to right

(March 2, 2023)

A&S Faculty Collect Top National Awards and Grants

EES professor Tripti Bhattacharya, physics professor Alison Patteson and chemistry professors Olga Makhlynets and Rachel Steinhardt are recognized for their innovative and noteworthy research.

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