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New manager for the Blatt Bioimaging Center

Abrar (Abbi) Aljiboury portrait

Posted on: April 17, 2023

Abbi is a familiar figure at SU having received a Bachelors of Science-Biology in 2016, a Masters of Science-Biology in 2019 under Dr. Jannice Friedman, and a Ph.D in Biology under Dr. Heidi Hehnly in 2023.

In the Hehnly Lab Abbi gained extensive experience with several types of microscopy including Laser Scanning Confocal Microscopy (Leica SP8 with Digital Lightsheet, Zeiss 980 Airyscan), Spinning Disk Confocal Microscopy (Leica DMI8 with X-Light V3, laser ablation, and FRAP capabilities), Widefield Fluorescence Microscopy with deconvolution (AutoQuant coupled with Imaris), Live Cell Four-Dimensional microscopy (3-Dimensonal imaging across time), and analysis of Fluorescence Recovery After Photobleaching (FRAP) and Laser Ablation. She also is experienced in running various imaging software platforms including LASX, ZEN and VisiView, and in analysis software such as FIJI/ImageJ, Prism and Imaris.

Abbi has authored and co-authored several papers exhibiting her expertise in microscopy (see below) and has attended several national and international conferences presenting her work.

  1. Aljiboury, A.A., Ingram, E., Krishnan, N., Ononiwu, F., Pal, D., Manikas, J., Taveras, C., Hall,

N.A., Silva, J. Da, Freshour, J., Hehnly, H (2023). Rab8, Rab11, and Rab35 coordinate lumen

and cilia formation during Zebrafish Left-Right Organizer development. bioRxiv


  1. Aljiboury, AA, and Friedman, J (2022). Mating and fitness consequences of variation in male

allocation in a wind-pollinated plant. Evolution (N Y) 76, 1762–1775.

  1. Aljiboury, A, Mujcic, A, Curtis, E, Cammerino, T, Magny, D, Lan, Y, Bates, M, Freshour, J,

Ahmed-Braimeh, YH, and Hehnly, H (2022). Pericentriolar matrix (PCM) integrity relies on

cenexin and Polo-Like Kinase (PLK)1. Mol Biol Cell, mbcE22010015.**Awarded cover.

  1. Aljiboury, Abrar A., Amra Mujcic, Thomas Cammerino, Lindsay I. Rathbun, and Heidi

Hehnly. 2021. “Imaging the Early Zebrafish Embryo Centrosomes Following Injection of

Small-Molecule Inhibitors to Understand Spindle Formation.” STAR Protocols 2 (1): 100293.

  1. Rathbun, Lindsay I., Abrar A. Aljiboury, Xiaofei Bai, Nicole A. Hall, Julie Manikas, Jeffrey D.

Amack, Joshua N. Bembenek, and Heidi Hehnly. 2020. “PLK1- and PLK4-Mediated

Asymmetric Mitotic Centrosome Size and Positioning in the Early Zebrafish Embryo.” Current

Biology 30 (22): 4519-4527.e3.

All of these qualifications make Dr. Aljiboury a great fit for the position of manager. The Blatt Bioimaging Center welcomes Dr. Aljiboury and looks forward to all she will contribute to the center.