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Members' Writing


WW II Stories by Jack Brink

Monkeys, Bats, Jungles and Humidity by Dawson J. W. Brown

Thoughts On Veterans’ Memories by Dawson J. W. Brown

The Day That Changed My Life Forever by Larry Gene Clark, III, Guest Writer

Exhaust by Derek Davey

The Piper of al Asad by Derek Davey

Therapy Dog by Derek Davey

Able To See Everything In Front Of Us by Elizabeth Hall

August Revolution, 1968 by Robert Marcuson

Catch 17—Inspection by Robert Marcuson

Eagles and Ambiguity by Robert Marcuson

February 7 by Robert Marcuson

Fort Carson Snowman by Robert Marcuson

Al by Peter K. McShane

Minefield by Peter K. McShane

Dispensary by Peter K. McShane

Why I Write by Peter K. McShane

On The Dole by Peter K. McShane

April 2, 2011 by Ginger Star Peterman (Gunnip)

Poem by Ginger Star Peterman (Gunnip)

Mastering PTSD by Ginger Star Peterman

Surprise Attack by Lee B. Savidge

Survivability Test by Lee B. Savidge

Writer As Witness by Lee B. Savidge

Beacon Strike by Don Western

Demons by Ralph Willsey

Tattoos by Ralph Willsey