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Transfer Students

Welcome Transfer Students

The College of Arts and Sciences (A&S) welcomes all transfer students to their first year at Syracuse University.

Transfer Credit Policies

A&S welcomes students transferring from other institutions in the United States and internationally. We aim to support students in their academic endeavors and pursuits, and provide a positive experience for transfer students as they transition to Syracuse University. Transfer students are encouraged to review A&S' academic policies and procedures, degree completion requirements, transfer credit evaluation process, and our helpful Transfer Credit FAQs.

Transfer Credit Evaluation

Evaluation of advanced placement and transfer credit is based on the requirements of the Liberal Arts Core of The College of Arts and Sciences of Syracuse University. If you should change schools or colleges at some future point in time, your credit would be reevaluated according to the requirements of the new school or college. The amount of acceptable credits is likely to change.

A transfer credit evaluation is based upon the receipt of all official transcripts received to date and upon the following criteria:

  • A maximum of 66 credits from a combination of credit from a two-year college and any other credit (e.g., AP exams, experiential learning) will be accepted.
  • A maximum of 90 credits from a combination of credit from a four-year program, two-year program and/or Advanced Placement credit will be accepted.
  • Effective fall of 2019, students can take up to 16 credits towards their Syracuse University degree post-matriculation.
  • 30 credit hours must be completed at Syracuse University to receive a Syracuse University degree.
  • Students are able to transfer credit hours; however, grades earned at another institution are not calculated in the Syracuse University grade point average.
  • A minimum grade of C is required in courses accepted for transfer credit from an accredited institution.
  • Courses graded with a Pass (P) or Satisfactory (S) will not be accepted unless there is a clear indication on the transcript that these symbols reflect a grade of C or better. (P) or (S) grades are never accepted toward the fulfillment of requirements for your major/minor or the A&S Liberal Arts Core, they will be awarded as elective credit only.
  • Basic or college algebra is not accepted in transfer.
  • Remedial or developmental coursework is not accepted in transfer.
  • A&S does accept transfer credit outside of the United States, however, starting in fall 2019 all current and incoming students will be required to submit a course-by-course W.E.S. Evaluation for any credits they have taken outside of the United States. Please check out the W.E.S Evaluation page for additional information.

How will your transfer credit appear on your Syracuse University transcript or Degree Works?

  • Accepted credit as a direct equivalent to a specific Syracuse University course:
    • WRT 105
  • Accepted credit awarded as elective credit only:
    • SOC-ELEC 000
  • Accepted credit awarded as Non-Arts and Sciences coursework:
    • COMNONAS 000
  • Accepted credit as a Liberal Arts Core requirement that is not a direct equivalent:
    • BIO-L 000
    • ANT 100
    • SOC 200

Additional Information:

Transfer credit for foreign language courses will not be considered for approval until it has been evaluated by the Department of Languages, Literatures and Linguistics at Syracuse University to determine the appropriate course equivalent.

Students are allowed a maximum of 24 credits of Non-Arts and Sciences coursework to apply towards the minimum 120 credits required for the degree.

An Associate of Arts degree (A.A.) or an Associate of Science degree (A.S) may waive part of the distribution requirements of the Liberal Arts Core. An official transcript with the degree awarded is required to consider the waiver of distribution requirements.

Should you choose to enroll in and complete a course at Syracuse University for which you have transfer credit for, your transfer credit for that specific course will be subsequently removed.

In order to be eligible for graduation honors (Cum Laude, Magna Cum Laude, Summa Cum Laude) you must have earned at least 60 credit hours of letter-graded courses taken at Syracuse University.

Helpful Resources

To schedule a phone appointment or a meeting with an advisor in A&S, please call 315.443.3150. Other resources include: