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Academic Options: Programs and Offerings

Customize Your Learning

Customize your learning experience! A&S | Maxwell offers more than 50 majors in the humanities, natural sciences, math and the social sciences. Plus, there are more than 100 minors across the University and four integrated learning majors.

To make sense of what's available, check out our signature subject areas. Many majors, programs and research fall under these categories. Then, talk with your advisor who will guide you through the decision-making process.

Understand Your Degree Options

Talk to your advisor about which option is best fit for your goals.

Single Degree Program

One major, one school/college. Typically a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) or a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) degree.

Single Degree Program with Double Major

Two majors simultaneously pursued (a) in the same school/college or (b) in two separate schools/colleges.

Interdisciplinary Learning Majors (ILMs)

Combines a traditional major with related coursework across disciplines. ILMs include: Citizenship and Civic Engagement, Digital Humanities, Energy and Its Impacts, Environment, Sustainability and Policy, Ethics, Forensic Science, Health Humanities and Neuroscience.

Academic Minors

An area of concentration or expertise outside your major of study that complements and enhances your primary major, and helps you explore additional interests. Minors can be added from A&S and from other schools/colleges.

Selected Studies Program

Provides considerable freedom but requires great responsibility of the student, who develops a four-year curriculum based on well-defined academic goals. Contact the Director of Advising for more information.

Dual Enrollment

Leads to a single degree jointly authorized and certified by A&S and the School of Education, the S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications or the Whitman School of Management. Requires a special application process.

Five-Year Baccalaureate-Master's Degree Programs

Earn a bachelor's degree in four years and then a master's degree in your fifth. See the available programs. Requires a special application process.

Combined Degree

Leads to two degrees and requires at least 30 credits beyond the minimum requirement for a single degree. A&S offers a combined degree with the Syracuse University College of Engineering and Computer Science. Requires a special application process.