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Future Meetings

Workshop 2: “Theory and future behavioral alcohol HIV risk research.” The purpose of the second workshop is to help advance integration of alcohol behavioral research into current multidimensional, multi-level HIV prevention theory as a guide to future research and then to the development of HIV prevention interventions. The first plenary speaker, Dr. Bill George, will present “Have researchers been myopic about alcohol myopia theory? What does the empirical evidence to date tell us about the best theoretical course to guide future alcohol behavioral HIV risk research?” The second plenary presentation, by Dr. Stephen Maisto, will be entitled “How do alcohol behavioral research findings intersect with current multidimensional, multi-level theoretical approaches to HIV prevention intervention development?”

The afternoon session will begin with four oral paper presentations (20 minutes each) resulting from a selection of Abstracts submitted following a call current research findings on transdisciplinary basic alcohol experimental and observational research findings and their fit with HIV prevention theory. A 20-minute discussion period will follow the presentations. After a 20-minute break, the session will conclude with a 30-minute (total) panel member presentation on the theme “Bringing together the theory that guides basic alcohol behavioral research and models/theories that guide HIV prevention intervention development.” A 20-minute discussion period will follow the panel member presentations. The proposed panel members are Drs. Angela Bryan, Lynn Cooper, Tara MacDonald, and Jeff Simons.