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Religion Undergraduate Overview

Religion is deeply connected to the human experience. We explore the role of religion in art, literature, philosophy, and society. We examine both the historical role of religion in the making of thought and civilization and how religion continues to play a crucial role in society today. Studying Religion can enable you to develop a critical awareness of one of the foundations of human culture & society.

Small classes and a committed faculty encourage critical investigation of religion in its cultural, social, political, and philosophical dimensions. Study particular religious traditions, or study religion from a global or theoretical perspective. Explore questions of meaning, modes of spirituality, and intersections with gender, sexuality, race. Both a major and a minor are offered.

B.A. in Religion

Discover religion’s effect on society, philosophy, art and literature—through the ages and around the globe. Coursework focuses on traditions, society, inquiry and literature

Minor in Religion

Develop a critical awareness and understanding of one of the foundations of human culture and society.