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Undergraduate Advising in Psychology

Undergraduate Advising

The Psychology Department offers several academic and research opportunities for students. These include a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) major, Bachelor of Science (B.S.) major, and a minor. Students planning to pursue a career in which a background in psychology is useful, such as business, communications, or social services, will find the B.A. degree to be an appropriate track. Students interested in pursuing professional or research careers in psychology are encouraged to consult with their Professional Advisor and/or Faculty Mentor for advice regarding whether the B.A. or B.S degree is most appropriate to meet their long-term goals.

Types of Advisors
  • The College of Arts and Sciences Academic Advisors offers individualized, student-centered academic counseling for all students enrolled in The College. Your Academic Advisor will guide you with completing your core degree requirements, meeting your academic goals, and making the most of your undergraduate experience at Syracuse University.
    • The College Academic Advisor will assist you with:
      • Guiding you in understanding and completing your Core requirements
      • Helping you meet your academic goals
      • Identifying academic enrichment opportunities
      • Removing your advising holds during Advising and Registration
      • Understanding psychology major requirements
  • The Department of Psychology Faculty Mentor will help you discover your interests, guide you in your course choices, and answer questions about your Psychology major. Meetings with your Faculty Mentor are made by sending an appointment request through email. You can find your faculty mentor's information in the “My Advising” section of MySlice.
    • Psychology Faculty mentors will assist you with:
      • Discovering your professional interests
      • Guiding you in class selection
      • Answering your questions about your major, career, and graduate school
  • The Department of Psychology Student Support Office (SSO) Staff in the Department of Psychology will answer process and policy questions, provide signatures for major and minor declaration forms, and complete degree progress reviews. The SSO is the "go-to" office for finding forms and general questions about procedures.

    Located in room 352 Marley Educational Building, the SSO is open for 15-minute drop-in or online meetings for psychology majors and minors Monday through Friday from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM. Questions and forms may be submitted any time to the SSO at:

    Psychology Student Support Office staff will assist you with:
    • Provide major and minor declaration form signatures
    • Understanding psychology major requirements
    • Conduct degree progress reviews
    • Transfer Petition and Petition to Faculty reviews
    • Becoming involved in research-for-credit opportunities
    • Provide enrollment assistance to students
    • Provide information on student engagement opportunities

Procedures for Submitting Major and Minor Declarations and Petitions

The process to submit major declarations, minor declarations, or petitions to faculty is now digital. Please refer to the below instructions to electronically submit your request. Thank you for your cooperation!

  • Major Declaration forms:
    • For The College of Arts & Sciences Students: Log into MySlice. Go to eForms to obtain the Major Declaration Form. Complete the form. You will receive confirmation via email once your form has been approved or denied.
    • For Students in another home college: Complete the online form electronically. Be sure to include your name, SUID number, preferred academic pathway (BA/BS), and your electronic signature. This form may be emailed to our inbox where we will sign electronically.
  • Minor Declaration forms: Complete the online form electronically. Be sure to include your name, SUID number, any additional minors you intend to keep or drop, and your electronic signature. This form may be emailed to our inbox where we will sign electronically.
  • Petition to Faculty: Complete the online form electronically. Be sure to include all identifying information, such as your name and SU ID number, in the appropriate fields. This form and supporting documents may be emailed to our inbox, where your petition will be reviewed.
  • Transfer Credit Petition: Complete the online form electronically. For students be sure to include a copy of the course syllabus. This form and supporting documents may be emailed to our inbox, where your petition will be reviewed.
Frequently Asked Questions
  • Q: Who is my College Academic Advisor and/or my Psychology Faculty Mentor?
    A: Those pursuing a psychology minor do not have an assigned Psychology Faculty Mentor. To determine who your Psychology Faculty Mentor and/or College Academic Advisor are, please check MySlice under the 'My Advising' tab. You may schedule appointments with your Psychology Faculty Mentor via email.
  • Q: I would like to enroll in a course that is currently closed. How do I get into the class?
    A: We cannot add students into a class that is at capacity. If a course is closed, please continue to check MySlice as students frequently update their schedules and an opening may occur. Student can adjust their schedules up until the University Add Deadline which can be found on the Academic Year Calendar.
  • Q: How do I transfer psychology credits from another college/university to Syracuse University?
    A: To transfer course credit from a college/university to Syracuse University, complete a Transfer Credit Petition form and provide a syllabus for the course. Please submit the Transfer Credit Petition and syllabus to the Student Support Office for review. Note that the review process can take up to two weeks.
  • Q: How do I withdraw from a class?
    A: After the Academic Drop deadline, students may withdraw from classes by filing a Petition to Withdraw form. Complete the form, indicating all relevant class information: course prefix, number, section, and title. Obtain the required signatures. Submit the completed form to the Registrar's Office, 106 Steele Hall, by the withdrawal date.
  • Q: I have a hold on my account, how can I have this resolved?
  • A: To remove a Psychology Major Advising hold, schedule an appointment with your College Academic Advisor. There are several reasons why a hold is placed on your account. The Registrar’s Office details different types of holds and how to resolve them on their website. You should be able to determine the cause of your hold by visiting MySlice.
  • Q: How can I schedule a virtual appointment to speak with a staff member from the Student Support Office (SSO)?
  • A: If you would like to schedule an appointment to meet with a staff member, please email your request to Appointments are available between the hours of 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM weekly.