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Research Overview

Psychology Research Labs

The Department of Psychology at Syracuse University conducts research in four distinct areas:

  • Clinical Health Psychology - research on the etiology and treatment of addictive disorders; health promotion and coping interventions; bio-psychosocial factors in relation to health; and coping with chronic illness.
  • Cognitive Psychology - research in the area is centered on using rigorous methods and theory to understand fundamental mechanisms underlying cognitive and neural processing. Research on cognitive and perceptual processes, such as visual perception, memory, attention, knowledge development, concepts and categories, problem solving, and decision making, contributes to our understanding of human behavior in individual and social environments and provides the structure on which to build applications to improve health and behavior.
  • School Psychology - assessment and intervention research to improve the learning, behavioral, and mental health outcomes among children and adolescents with and without disabilities, emphasizing behavioral, cognitive, and neuroscience perspectives.
  • Social Psychology - lab and community-based research on the causes, consequences, and remediation of social challenges; social psychophysiological research; and research on close relationships and health.

Our department has a faculty of distinguished psychologists known for the highest achievement in research, a strong commitment to teaching at both the undergraduate and graduate levels, and active engagement in community meetings. Please click the links below for more information on faculty research labs.

Psychology Faculty Research Labs: