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Department of Psychology

Psychology is behind everything we do. Explore the human mind. Understand how people interact with each other and what drives behavior. Learn more about the human experience and make lives better.

Why study psychology?

Whatever career you pursue, a background in psychology—the scientific study of behavior—enhances your employability. Just as importantly, it helps you understand yourself and others.

Psychology teaching and research cover four distinct areas:

  • Clinical Health Psychology: how mental, emotional and social factors affect physical well-being.
  • Cognitive Psychology: understanding fundamental mechanisms underlying cognitive and neural processing—how we think, perceive, remember, forget, solve problems, focus and learn.
  • School Psychology: assessment and intervention to improve learning, behavior and mental health among children and adolescents.
  • Social Psychology: study of thought and behavior in social and physical environments.

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You have many study options—a bachelor of arts major, a bachelor of science major and a minor. Opportunities for undergraduate research helps you apply what you learn in class, find a mentor, improve your critical thinking and problem-solving skills, and pursue a topic that fascinates you.

What can I do with a psychology degree?

According to the 2019 Princeton Review, psychology is one of the ten best majors in terms of job prospects, salaries and popularity.

When you study psychology, you gain skills to succeed in graduate school, professional school, and the workplace. Professional psychologists may be researchers investigating behavior and/or practitioners applying their knowledge and skills to individual and social problems.

Psychology degrees can lead to positions in:

  • Public and private healthcare
  • Education
  • Mental health support
  • Law
  • Social work
  • Therapy
  • Counseling
  • Child development
  • Media and advertising
  • Human resources
  • Business and management

Psychology faculty are distinguished psychologists known for the highest achievement in research, a strong commitment to teaching at both the undergraduate and graduate levels, and active engagement in community settings.

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Exterior of a brick building.

(May 9, 2024)

Psychology Makes a Big Move

Take a virtual walk-through of the newly renovated Marley Building, the centralized home for the Department of Psychology’s research, learning and counseling activities.

Bob Mankoff portrait.

(May 2, 2024)

‘How About Never?’ Capturing the Essence of Life in Cartoons

A&S alumnus Bob Mankoff’s liberal arts experience at Syracuse was a launchpad for a successful career in the cartoon industry.

(Dec. 7, 2023)

Huilin “Linda” Sun Receives Grant to Support her Study of Eye Movement and Reading Comprehension

Assistant professor of psychology Huilin “Linda” Sun received a 2023 Early Career Research Award from the Society for the Study of School Psychology for her project, “Reading comprehension behaviors associated with reading difficulties — An Eye Movement Study.”

Sarah Woolf King and Fatima Dobani headshots.

(Dec. 4, 2023)

Professor and Ph.D. Candidate from the Department of Psychology Awarded NIH Grants for Alcohol-Related Research and Treatment

Professor Sarah Woolf-King received an NIH R01 clinical trial grant and Ph.D. candidate Fatima Dobani was awarded an NIH F31 dissertation research grant.