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Language, Culture, and Society Concentration

Concentration Advisor
Robert A. Rubinstein
Office: 405A Maxwell Hall
Tel: 315.443.3837

Students in the concentration in Language, Culture and Society evaluate claims about the inter-relationships among languages, cultures, and the communities in which the languages and cultures exist.

Sample Requirements - Consult the Course Catalog for specific requirements.

Equivalent or alternative courses may be substituted for any of the courses listed below by approval of the program. Be aware that certain courses may have prerequisites.

Linguistics Core Courses (12 credits)

  • LIN 601 Linguistic Analysis
  • LIN 631 Phonological Analysis
  • LIN 641 Syntactic Analysis
  • LIN 674 Topics in Sociolinguistics

Concentration Area Required Courses (6 Credits)

  • LIN 672 Language, Culture, and Society
  • LIN 672 Language Variation and Change

Concentration Area Elective Courses (6 Credits)

  • Two additional courses - Consult the course catalog for approved list.

Language Requirement (6 Credits)

  • The student must have the equivalent of advanced language competency in a European language or one year of study of a non-Western language. If language competency is already achieved, the student may take 2 additional elective courses.

Thesis Option

In substitution for six of the elective credits, the student may prepare a thesis under the supervision of the concentration advisor or other faculty participating in the Program and on a topic approved by the Program.