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Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Committee Chair: Samuel Tuttle

The Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences values:

  • acknowledging, respecting, and celebrating diversity in all forms;
  • fostering supportive and inclusive environments within our Department; and,
  • maintaining professionalism in all our interactions, including our roles as instructors and supervisors, during time on campus at SU, and time spent at other institutions, at conferences, on public social media platforms and all remote sites for data collection and analysis.

All members of the Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences commit to:

  • Treating all members of our community with respect, which includes setting clear expectations with regards to supervisors, supervisees, and students.
  • Working together, free of conflict of interests to achieve shared research, teaching, and service commitments.
  • Taking an active role in promoting diversity and equity, and opposing systemic racism.
  • Recognizing and removing barriers to inclusion within our own department and the geosciences as a whole.
  • Speaking up when a member of our community is not adhering to this statement of shared values. Examples of unacceptable conduct include:
    • comments made based on stereotypes or written or spoken statements biased against a particular group of people;
    • discrimination, harassment, and retaliation; and,
    • intimidation or bullying.
  • Treating this statement of shared values as a living document that will be revisited and revised once per year.
  • Holding and engaging in internal workshops with selected external leaders on JEDI-related topics.
  • Making a priority to regularly engage annually in one or more workshops or other deepening experiences covering topics of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Accessibility.

We do not tolerate:

If you experience any form of harassment or discrimination, we encourage you to use the following resources:

The Office of the University Ombuds is also an impartial and confidential resource for addressing any questions or concerns, JEDI related or otherwise.