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CSD Department Scholarships

three 2nd year female graduate students

Scholarships Available to 2nd-year CSD Graduate Students!

Lisa Scime Scholarship

Lisa Scime (pronounced as “she-may”), who was from Ancaster, Ontario, Canada, entered the graduate program in speech-language pathology at Syracuse University in the fall of 1992. She was an excellent student, with a very positive attitude toward her chosen field, the CS&D program at Syracuse University, and life in general. Over the winter break, she and two other young women were killed in an automobile accident in Canada. Her family established this scholarship to honor her memory.

Maureen Higgins Scholarship

Dr. Maureen Higgins received her BS, MS and PhD in Communication Sciences and Disorders at Syracuse University. Dr. Higgins was an outstanding teacher and well-renowned researcher. In addition, she was a caring, empathetic clinician who felt deeply about her patients. Maureen had tremendous passion for teaching, mentoring and education. The scholarship will be awarded to an individual who best exemplifies Maureen’s spirit.

Louis M. DiCarlo Scholarship

Over forty years ago, Dr. Louis M. DiCarlo served as Chair of what was then called the Department of Audiology and Speech Pathology at Syracuse University, establishing the Gordon D. Hoople Hearing and Speech Center in the present Hoople Building. Dr. DiCarlo was known to be a superb diagnostician and clinician, with a broad range of skills that encompassed both audiology and speech-language pathology. He was noted for his dedication and pursuit of excellence.

Scholarships to Support Careers in Pediatric Audiology and Speech Language Pathology

  • One $10,000 scholarship may be awarded to support an Audiology student towards a career including pediatric audiology services, particularly a student who pursues or obtains a 4th year externship with a pediatric focus. To be eligible for this $10,000 scholarship, applicants must demonstrate a desire and commitment to working with pediatric populations and should have pursued and/or obtained an externship that includes diagnostics and treatment in children (18 and younger) as a significant component of the experience. Au.D. students may apply in the third or fourth year of their program.
  • Two $5000 scholarships may be awarded to support Speech Language Pathology students toward a career including Birth to Five pediatric SLP services, particularly a student who pursues or a clinical fellowships in Birth to Five services. To be eligible for one of these $5,000 scholarships, applicants must demonstrate a desire and commitment to working in Birth to Five services in SLP, particularly in the local Syracuse region including Onondaga and surrounding counties. SLP students may apply in the final year of their program.