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ALIGN Program

The overarching goal of the Academic SkilL BuildInG and Networking (ALIGN) program is to support the success of CSD graduate students of color in their speech-language pathology or audiology program, and ultimately as a skilled professional in the field. Incoming students of color are invited to participate in ALIGN, with most ALIGN activities conducted in their first year, but professional mentoring continuing into their second year.

There are four pillars of the ALIGN program designed to enhance student success:

Skill building workshops

  • Evidence-based academic learning strategies
  • Time management
  • Health & Wellness
  • Professional skills and development

Study groups

  • Facilitated by 2nd year students
  • Weekly content determined by participants’ areas of need
  • Facilitator guides student learning while students actively participate

Peer mentoring

  • Peer mentors of color assigned to ALIGN participants
  • Individual and group peer mentoring opportunities
  • Mentoring involves encouragement, perspective sharing, advice, and networking

Professional mentoring

  • Professional mentor, a practicing SLP or Audiologist of color, assigned to ALIGN participants
  • Provides career-related guidance, support, information, and networking
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