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Funding and Scholarships for M.S. SLP and Au.D

Grants and Graduate Assistantships

Most of our funding is merit based and does not require an application. First year M.S. Speech-Language Pathology and AuD students are eligible for tuition grants and graduate assistantships. Tuition grants will cover a particular number of tuition credits towards completion of the program. Graduate assistantships typically include tuition credits as well as a stipend, and have a work requirement. Tuition grants and graduate assistantships are awarded based on the students’ application, personal essay, recommendations, and interview, and are not awarded based on student request.

Second year students are also eligible for graduate assistantships, which are awarded to students based on merit when available.

There are additional CSD Department Scholarships available for second through fourth year students. These are the Louis M. DiCarlo Scholarship, the Maureen Higgins Scholarship, and the Lisa Scime Scholarship. Applications for these scholarships go out in late summer and are awarded in December.

Students who are Veterans are encouraged to apply for the Gerald B. Faigle Jr. and Roberta M. Faigle Student Veteran Scholarship

Hourly Employment

Hourly positions in CSD research labs may be available during certain semesters. Availability changes each semester based on faculty’s research grant funding, and decisions about these positions are made by the faculty member. Additional student employment opportunities are available throughout Syracuse University. As a general rule, the CSD faculty recommends that full-time graduate students limit outside employment to no more than 8 hours per week.

Cost of Graduate Programs in CSD

Graduate programs tuition is billed based on the number of tuition credits in which the student is enrolled each semester. The per credit cost changes annually. The Au.D. program requires 92 credits. The M.S. SLP program requires 46-53 credits for students with a background in CSD, and between 72-75 credits for students with no background in CSD. More information is available about the Cost of Attendance.

Extramural Funding

There are numerous local, state, and national scholarships available to SLP and Au.D. students. We have had many students who are competitive for these awards. Examples include the American Speech-Language-Hearing Foundation, the Central New York Speech-Language-Hearing Association, and the American Academy of Audiology. A list of additional graduate student scholarships is available on this website.

Office of Financial Aid

The office of Financial Aid can provide you with information about loans and work study opportunities. You can contact them by email: or phone: (315) 443-1519.

Government funding is also available to all students every year thru the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).