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Minor in Latino-Latin American Studies

Traditional dress for festival in Zacatecas, México
General Information

The Latino-Latin American Studies program of the College of Arts and Sciences leads to the B.A. degree and embraces an interdisciplinary approach to the culture, development, resources, history, and societies of Latin America and the Caribbean, and Latino/a peoples dispersed around the globe. This recently modified and innovative program is designed to promote awareness and understanding of the many issues faced by the Latino and Latin American peoples of the western hemisphere. A wide range of faculty from several departments and with complementary perspectives provide a stimulating entry into the interrelated worlds of Latino America and Latin America.

Minor Requirements

The minor in Latin American Studies requires a total of 18 credits from the list above; 12 credits are in courses numbered above 299. For Spanish language majors and students whose first language is Spanish, at least 9 credits must be in non-language courses. Students intending to declare a minor in Latin American Studies are strongly advised to contact the Director of the Latino-Latin American Program to discuss the selection of suitable courses and other issues. "Additional courses in Anthropology, English and Textual Studies, History, History of Music, Geography, Political Sciences and Spanish are recommended and may be petitioned for LAS credit in consultation with the program director."

Program Faculty