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Bachelor’s Degree with Distinction

Distinction in Chemistry is awarded by the Chemistry Department to recognize graduating seniors who show both academic and research excellence in the field. To be eligible for distinction in chemistry, students must meet minimum GPA requirements, and participate in a significant research experience. The research culminates in the preparation of a high-quality thesis. For more information, contact Professor Nancy Totah. Please fill out the Distinction Proposal Form if you are interested in receiving a Bachelor’s Degree with Distinction.

Please read the Distinction Guidelines carefully.

• chemistry major
• high quality chemistry research thesis (approved by the thesis committee)
• cumulative GPA of 3.4* by the end of the senior year (Syracuse coursework)
• GPA of 3.4* in chemistry courses by the end of the senior year (Syracuse coursework)
* Final GPAs will be verified by the Chemistry Department. Please note that a GPA of 3.400 is needed to meet each requirement.

Scope of Research Project:

It is recommended that students start their research as early as possible, but not less than three semesters before graduation. The amount and scope of the research required will vary somewhat with the specific problem studied. It is highly unlikely that students beginning research in their senior year will be able to amass enough data and have the time to prepare a high-quality thesis that meets the requirements for the degree with distinction.

Thesis Committee:

The thesis committee will consist of the research advisor and two additional chemistry faculty members. The committee should be identified at the time the distinction proposal form is submitted. All members of the committee will need to read and approve your thesis prior to submission.

Honors Students:

Chemistry students who are writing a thesis to fulfill the requirements of the Honor's Program may use the same thesis for the Degree with Distinction requirement. The title page should be modified appropriately. See the Thesis Guidelines for formatting instructions.

Thesis Submission:

Submit the following items to the Chemistry Department office:
• an electronic copy to of the final approved thesis
• two print copies of the thesis cover page with original signatures from all committee members

Deadlines for thesis submission are:
• May graduates: last Friday in April
• December graduates: first Wednesday in December

A copy of the thesis will be bound and returned to the student. Be sure to include a forwarding mailing address with your electronic thesis submission.